The gShips Crew


John Konrad, CEO

Captain John Konrad is the founder and CEO of gCaptain, the world’s most visited maritime news website, and author of the critically acclaimed book Fire On The Horizon. John is licensed by the US Coast Guard to captain the world’s largest ships. John has sailed a variety of ships from ports around the world, has directed several billion dollar marine construction projects overseas, and is a distinguished alumnus of SUNY Maritime College.


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David Logan, CoFOunder

David Logan is an entrepreneur and marketing executive. As a marketing executive David has contributed to the success of numerous high profile brands including the original Got Milk ads, Nike, T-Mobile, Samsung and most recently the Payless "Palessi" commercial, one of Ad Age’s most successful commercial campaigns of 2018. David leads gShip’s sales and marketing efforts.


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Jim HarwooD, SVP Ports & Planning

Jim is an architect with 28 years experience successfully executing multimillion- dollar projects in NYC and the Northeast. He routinely obtains approvals, special permits and variances from a range of regulatory entities including DEP/DEC, Landmarks, zoning, and preservation. Jim is committed to environmentally responsible design for a sustainable future. Jim earned his degree in architecture from Cornell University.


Didier Steve, CTO

Didier has 25 years of technology experience in both corporate and start-up leadership roles. He founded a successful technology consultancy, designed and deployed a digital logistics systems that ships millions of laboratory research materials throughout the US and Europe, and recently installed a robotics platform that automates the movement of palletized pharmaceutical materials for a $12B global Biotech company.

Anna Sellinger, VP Sales

Anna Sellinger is a successful entrepreneur and fashion designer who started her own line of clothing, & accessories. She is the co-founder of Foley & Corinna a nationally recognized brand and . Anna is a committed member of the Williamsburg community and is actively involved in the North Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.

Jane Pool, VP Community Outreach

Jane Pool is committed to sustainable economic development. She is actively involved in reducing the environmental impact of industry, while increasing economic opportunity throughout the city. Jane has proudly served on many task forces, coalitions, steering committees, etc., and currently sits on the board of directors of the North Brooklyn Parks Alliance, and the board of The Firehouse: North Brooklyn Community Center.