Urban Intermodal Delivery

Urban Freight



We Add Value To The Logistics Chain By Helping Urban Distributors Consolidate, Organize And Move Intermodal Freight

Freight distribution is the circulatory system for urban locations. It still largely runs on paper and is hauled on inefficient box trucks through crowded city streets.

Say goodbye to paper. Say goodbye to box truck distribution. Only gShip delivers deep visibility and control, low and predictable supply chain costs, with faster and more reliable transit times for distributing packages in dense urban markets.

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Did you know that boats and cargo ferries are ten times more energy efficient than trucks, emit 1/10 the pollution, and never get stuck in traffic?

It’s true. So why do we only use trucks to distribute freight?

By working with ALL transportation solutions gShip alleviates congestion, improves the environment, reduces fatalities and saves money for both the shipper and the government.